Youth Altar Servers/Children's Choir Members Needed

The Blessing of our Young People. We Love Them. We’re Counting on Them!

Our parish communities are blessed with wonderful young people: children and teens. They are the future of our church and our world.

Altar Servers. We count on those faithful boys and girls who assist the priest at the altar. My memories of serving mass as three fold. First of all, it was an honor being close to the altar and to the Lord seemed very special. At that time, only boys could serve mass. Today, fortunately, girls can serve at the altar too. Second, serving was a learning experience. I came to know a lot about the Mass and the many things that are used at Mass. I’m sure that getting to know priests and Mass much better helped shape my vocation to the priesthood. Third, being an altar server was and still is a big responsibility for a young person. We count on our servers being there to prepare for, assist in, and then help to clear things after Mass. At both of our parishes we want to invite children in the fourth grade or older to consider volunteering at this time. We need and want new servers. At Saint Thomas, there will be a meeting on next Tuesday, March 13, beginning with pizza and soda at the rectory at 6:30 PM for both new and old servers. At Saint John’s, we have been updating our servers but want to bring on new ones; once we have names we will arrange a training for them. So please come forward. Give your name to any of the priests or call the parish office either at Saint Thomas or at Saint John’s.

Choir Members. Both at Saint Thomas at the 9:30 AM Mass, and at Saint John’s at the 10:00 AM Mass, children factor significantly into our Sunday morning worship. I am so grateful to the choir leaders and the parents who help to get the children ready to sing each week at Mass. Like serving Mass, singing in a choir leads people closer to God and the Church through the many and inspiring hymns that they learn. Hymns are prayers. You may have heard the familiar words attributed to the great theologian, Saint Augustine: “ Who sings well, prays twice.” Again what is needed is a strong sense of responsibility, but children should realize that our choir members have fun too. We welcome every voice!

I would love to have more children help us at Mass, either as servers or as a member of the choir. To help make this happen I am attaching a simple form at the end of this letter. Just sign up by dropping this in the collection or sending it to either of our parishes. Or just give us a call. To my fellow adults: don’t forget to say “thanks” to these children for what they do. We love them and we will be counting on them.

God bless!





Complete this form and return it to either St. John’s or St. Thomas, by mail* or the collection box, or call us.

             Altar Server                                                                                        Children’s Choir Member     



Child’s name:__________________ Parent’s name:________________________________



Address ____________________________Phone: ________________________________



Your parish: _______________________________________________________________


*Mailing addresses for St. John’s and St. Thomas are as follows:


St. John the Baptist Church

17 Chestnut Street

Peabody, MA 01960


St. Thomas the Apostle Church

1 Margin Street

Peabody MA 01960

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