Opening Doors of Mercy
for our Homeless Neighbors






Dear parishioners and friends of St. John the Baptist & St. Thomas the Apostle Parishes,

                          Thank you ever so much for your wondrous generosity, always! So many of you have contributed significantly with kindness of prayers and donations, and this has allowed our outreach ministry to flourish amazingly throughout these challenging days, as needs have been met in great amounts during this pandemic. I look now to the upcoming winter, as we all know that the cooler nights and then days are soon upon us. This weather pattern brings so many different burdens upon those living outdoors, and that population has grown a bit since last year. I ask you to consider the following needed items to donate, in preparation for this particular upcoming season: blankets (any size), comforters, heavy sweatshirts (hooded preferably for men or women), large compartment backpacks, winter boots (any size, men or women), pullover sweaters for men (any size), fleece jackets for men or women. I also request symbols of our faith, such as rosaries, pocket-size statues, medals, bracelets, keychains, as every week when our brothers and sisters visit the St. Teresa of Calcutta Center for clothes, showers, and toiletries, I place these items upon a table in the hall, and every week I need to replenish them, as they are taken and worn by all…and that, of course, is the wonder of God! Again, many, many thanks for all of your generosity and support! Pat Adam

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