Important Covid-19 Information!



Since the city of Salem has been designated as a "hot spot" for covid infections, (that is, increased, above average incidents of positive tests)  we will need to check the temperature of every person who comes to Mass either at Saint Thomas or Saint John Church.  We use a temperature scanner which can read a person's temperature from a distance. We will begin doing this to all who come to either  church since we have parishioners from Salem in both parishes and we believe this is a reasonable safety measure. We have been using temperature scanners for our priests and volunteers who serve as safety guides. 


Saint Thomas Parish received a report that someone who attended last Sunday’s (August 9th )10:00AM  Mass at Saint Thomas was subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19.  We have personally contacted those who were in the immediate vicinity of this person at that Mass.  As our Archdiocese requires, we have contacted the Salem Board of Health and our Archdiocese Covid office.  The church has been cleaned thoroughly. 

Because we are wearing masks and social distancing, it is unlikely that merely being in the church at the same time as this individual who got sick would constitute “close contact.”  Nevertheless, it is better to err on the side of caution. So these are steps we take and urge others to follow:
          1.  We are contacting as best we can (blast email, announcement at Mass,    website)  those who were at the Mass. At the very least, parishioners who attended this Mass should monitor their own health, and if they show any         symptoms, contact their own physicians.

          2.  Because some people who have been exposed to the virus may contract the illness but not show symptoms, they are urged at the very least to notify their physician that a possible exposure has occurred.

          3.  Because we are all sitting apart from others and wearing masks at all times, our contact or risk in contracting the virus is minimal. 

Thank you for continuing to be vigilant about the importance
of social distancing and wearing your mask at all times.

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