Religious Education Grades 1-5


Please note that all parents of a
child must fill out a Registration

First Grade Parents Must Also
File a Baptismal Certificate.

The Baptismal Certficate will be
copied and the orginal will be
returned to the parent(s).


We give you several options for completing
and filing that Registration Form.

To completely fill out the form on line
in which case the completed Registratikon Form
will automatically be emailed to Karen Hinton, click the
On Line Registration button immediately below:

We do not recommend that this option
be used on a mobile device such as smartphone.
Choose the On Line Registration instead

To Retrieve a PDF file which can
either be printed and filled out with
pen, or filled in on the screen and
then printed, click the PDF Registration
Form button below. Note!
If you choose,to fill the editable and fillable
PDF file on the screen, you have two options:

First, you can, after filling out the form on the
screen, print the form and bring it or mail
it to the Parish Center;

Secondly (and Recommended): you can, after
filling out the form on the screen, save that file
to a folder of your choice with a distinquishing name
(e.g., SmithersFamily,pdf). Once saved,
you can then send an email to Karen Hinton
attaching the PDF file that you just saved.



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