When you click the Ok button below, the 150th Anniversary
Pledge Form will open in a PDF format.

You may print that Pledge Form on your printer, and
then complete required information on that form.

Better yet, and we recommend, that the Pledge Form in PDF
format be filled in while on your screen using your
keyboard for the required fields (except the Signature Line,
which must be completed after the form is printed
Place your cursor in any of the editable text fields
i.e., Name, Address, Total Pledge, Down Payment,
Balance Due, and choose the appropriate radio buttons
for the Method of Payment (e.g., Monthly, Quarterly,
Semi-Annually, or Annually), and for the period of
time for the balance to be paid (e.g., 1 year, 2 years,
3 years, Other [in which case, explain the other]), and
then check the text boxes, to the extent applicable, under
the Additonal Information section on the bottom of the form.
When completed, you can then save and print that form
for submission to the Parish Center.