17 Chestnut Street...What's Up with That?

Confused about the oft reported address of Saint John the Baptist Church, that is, our House of Worship? Your web guy, with perhaps too much free time on his hands, kind of wondered. Wherever you look, in bulletins (including our weekly bulletin), in printed directories, and on line, the address almost always given is 17 Chestnut Street, Peabody, MA. But a quick look at any map, for example, a map created by Mapquest, shows (as shown immediately below) that the actual Church, the House of Worship of Saint John's (not to be confused with the Rectory and the Parish Center and the Thrift Shop), is located at 16 Church Street, Peabody, MA.

"What's up with that?", you ask!

17 Chestnut Street (the location of the Thrift Shop in the front, and the location of Saint John's Parish Center in the rear) actually fronts Chestnut Street with its parking lot located in front of the Thrift Shop. That property is part of the Saint John's holdings. And, of course, the Saint John's Parish Center is also located in and to the rear of the same building as the Thrift Shop, and the Parish Center is the appropriate mailing address for any and all mail directed to Saint John the Baptist Church.

The the whole of that building currently housing the Thrift Shop and Parish Center was, at one time, so we are told, a convent.

So if you are looking forward to donating to the Thrift Shop, or buying from the Thrift Shop, by all means head to the front entrance of 17 Chestnut Street. And if you are interested in visiting the Saint John's Parish Center, or communicate with the Parish Center by way of mail, then 17 Chestnut Street (to the rear for visitors) is the address of choice.

But if you wish to worship, then 16 Church Street is your destination. Please join us in prayer at Saint John the Baptist Church at 16 Church Street, Peabody, MA.

For an account of the founding of the Town (now City) of Peabody and Saint John the Baptist Parish in Peabody, we recommend the following excerpt from the the Full text of "History Of Peabody Massachusetts By Theodore Moody".


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